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Oil filter truck
Oil filter truck


The oil filter truck is a new product developed by our factory on the basis of digesting foreign oil purification technology and combining with years of research and development of filter. It is a special equipment to improve oil cleanliness and ensure the reliable operation of hydraulic system and lubrication system. It is suitable for filling new oil, filtering and regularly removing oil pollutants in the system. Luc is a three-stage oil filter truck, which is mainly composed of magnetic oil suction filter, fine filter, safety valve, oil pump and other components. When the pressure reaches 0.35Mpa, the filter element should be cleaned or replaced in time. When the gauge pressure continues to rise more than 0.4MPa, the safety valve will open automatically. After that, part of the oil will not go through fine filtration and return directly to the oil suction chamber of the oil pump, so the output flow of the oil filter truck will drop, So as to avoid damaging the oil filter truck. Lucd is a multi-stage oil filter truck. The difference between the filtration accuracy of the first stage fine filter and the second stage fine filter is recommended to be 4-7 times. According to the needs of users, oil flow meter can be set on the oil filter truck to measure the output of filtered liquid. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient maintenance and low noise.
Note: K1 is oil inlet and K2 is oil outlet

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