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  Wuxi EastHydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi Xibei private economic park. The main products are hydraulic gear pump, hydraulic gear pump, bidirectional gear pump, power unit, automobile tailboard power unit, bidirectional power unit. The products are all over the domestic and foreign markets, and are the ideal choice for users in terms of cost performance. The consistent guiding ideology of enterprise production and management is product standards and customer satisfaction, which is praised and favored by many new and old customers.
  Gear oil pump, one of the leading products, is characterized by high pressure and small displacement. There are few units that can produce the pump in China, many of which are inspection free products purchased by foreign investors. The displacement of the high pressure small displacement pump is 0.36-4.2ml/r, and the pressure is 0-31.5mpa. It is mainly used in various hydraulic tools that need high pressure and small displacement.
  The hydraulic power unit, the second leading product, is a product integrating power components and control components. Users only need to install executive components to use it. The product is mainly used in lifter and automobile tailboard.
  Technology development: our company has absorbed a number of professional high-tech workers, digested and absorbed the advanced technology of Japan, Germany, the United States and other developed countries, and used CAD / CAM / CAPP and other development means to upgrade the technology. Every year, dozens of new products are put on the market to meet the needs of users.
  Production, manufacturing, management: the company has passed ISO9001-2000 certification, in order to obtain high-quality products, the company is equipped with machining center and CNC processing equipment, equipped with advanced equipment such as three-dimensional measuring instrument.