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Fiber InternetGet up to Speed

Fiber is now available in several areas of Montana and Wyoming, enabling us to offer Internet connectivity that’s beyond fast and these days, if you want to compete, you have to be fast. Whether it’s responding to a new business inquiry, sending requested files, or reviewing videos online, you need connectivity that keeps your business on the leading edge. Service areas include Bozeman, Billings, Cody, and anywhere in the West that customers need high-speed solutions to their businesses and homes.

Bozeman Montana


If you think the internet at your office now is pretty fast now, wait till you experience fiber connectivity — in some cases, 10x faster or even more. Stop being limited by your Internet, and instead give your business a leg up on the competition.


Tired of waiting on hold with someone in a faraway country? BluePrint has offices right here, so if you ever need help, you’re talking to someone local and have expert technicians standing by. We’ll come to you, since our goal is always to be your long-term business solutions partner, here to help your business grow and evolve.


Get lightning fast fiber along with the option for our other business services in one single solution. Stop spending time figuring out who does what service for you, and ramp up your efficiency so you can focus instead on your business. Not every location in this region is fiber-ready yet, but contact us today to see if your home or business can take advantage of its significant benefits. BluePrint by TCT is proud to be a premier fiber internet provider for the Bozeman Fiber project.