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Access Control& SURVEILLANCE

Protect your business and enjoy greater peace of mind with the latest technology from BluePrint Security.

Our team of business security experts, based in Montana and Wyoming, will answer your questions and review your operational needs, then recommend customizable solutions to maximize protection for your business.


  • Secure your building and grounds 24/7
  • Control access to your facility with security tokens (card, key fob, tag)
  • Control access remotely via computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Set access levels and schedules
  • Receive automated updates and security alerts
  • Deter theft
  • Reduce liability with some insurance companies
  • Check on your facility remotely — you can monitor doors, stockrooms and common areas

Surveillance Services

We provide a complete line of surveillance products, including network video recorders, IP cameras, monitors, and accessories. The equipment delivers video in high definition for superior image quality. Video recording, playback, and searching functions utilize the latest technology.

We install state-of-the-art cameras with your choice of style—box, bullet, dome or vandal-proof, mounted inside or outside. Install in fixed positions or choose cameras that pan, tilt and zoom.

Our IP-based system requires just one wire for power, video, and audio. It can become part of your existing business network or we can also set up a separate video infrastructure. The system is scalable to manage hundreds of cameras and dozens of authorized users.

Remote access to your security system includes viewing real-time images through our portal or an app on your smartphone.

Our team of Montana and Wyoming security experts will provide you with a custom solution to meet your needs. We provide services throughout the West, with a special focus on Bozeman security services, Billings security services, Cody access control & surveillance services. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Access Control Services

Control access levels and schedules, receive real-time updates, and monitor areas remotely, all right from your smartphone. Access Control has never been more important, and we make it easy to customize your sytem to meet your needs.