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Blueprint offers a cloud-based surveillance system that simplifies your business's security. Move your existing costly and complex video surveillance system to the cloud with Tyco Cloud from Johnson Controls - offered by Blueprint. Plug and play 4K cloud cameras with solid state storage or use your existing cameras and add cost effective cloud storage as needed - up to 5 years. A cloud based system gives you the freedom to determine where and how the cloud can best support your surveillance needs. This system works for you - allowing you to securely manage users, devices, and quickly access live and recorded video with a simple web portal.


Benefits of a Cloud Based Surveillance System:

  • Mix and match plug and play cloud components
  • Manage your components securely in one place
  • Manage security at multiple locations with one web-based interface
  • View 24 hours of video in 60 seconds
  • Analytics at your fingertips
  • Store and share anywhere
  • Camera setup in minutes

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