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Blueprint Customer StoriesBOMGAARS - CODY, WY

Bomgaars Building

For me, TCT has been consistently available, easy to work with, providing excellent response time, great pricing and quality service. We have not had one single issue with them and I would recommend their service to anyone.

-Aaron Bomgaars


When setting up the store in Cody, TCT established themselves out of the gate as a partner dedicated to quality and excellent service.  The on-site techs were friendly and easy to work with.  The personal service we received from TCT personnel is only matched by the reliability of the data and phone service they provide - fantastic!

-Steve Stalcup


I have been here at the Cody store since early March of 2018, in that time we have experienced zero problems with the phone or the internet. I have lived in Cody for four years and I can’t recall ever hearing anything but positive comments about TCT.