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Blueprint Customer StoriesAce Hardware

Ace Owenhouse Hardware has been doing business in Bozeman for over 130 years – pretty amazing. They had been working with numerous companies and groups to handle their office and technology needs over the years, but when they opened a second, large location on the west side of town, they found some challenges. For example, their previous phone system wasn’t able to smoothly move calls among the two locations and the bike shop. That’s when they asked BluePrint to help.

We were able to set them up with a phone solution that better served their new needs and prepared them for growth. Plus, we pointed out that they were in the area of town that had new high-speed fiber, given them further ways of helping stay competitive with the ‘big box’ stores. Now they can focus on what they’ve been known for over more than a century – helping customers find just the right tool, or part, for the job.