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Blueprint Customer StoriesSee how we have helped businesses just like yours.

We work with companies all over the West, but wanted to share a few specific examples of companies and groups we've been working with over the years...

Wild Sheep Foundation

The Wild Sheep Foundation was founded back in 1977, and we at BluePrint have a special affinity for the group since we both find our roots in Cody, Wyoming. The Foundation is a non-profit group...Learn More

Ace Hardware

Ace Owenhouse Hardware has been doing business in Bozeman for over 130 years – pretty amazing. They had been working with numerous companies and groups to handle their office and technology needs...Learn More

Bozeman Public Library

In a community like Bozeman, it’s important to give the public an opportunity to have access to modern technology. Bozeman prides itself on being welcoming and fair to all, and the town’s Public...Learn More