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Top 5 Benefits of Fiber Internet

Have you heard about fiber internet, but still aren't sure if it's right for your business? The buzz around fiber optic internet has been growing—and for good reason. Fiber Internet speeds are unmatched by any other type of internet connection. Simply put, fiber internet is the fastest you can get. But speed isn't the only great thing about fiber. Read on to learn the top five reasons your business should consider making the switch to fiber.


Did you know that fiber optic internet speeds are symmetrical? Meaning that your upload and download speeds are the same. Traditionally upload speeds are as low as one-tenth of a download speed so this is a really big deal if your business does a lot of file-sharing...and these days, who doesn't?!


You can think of bandwidth as the total amount of data that can be transferred at any one time, in any one place. Since many businesses share their internet connection with lots of different computers, the total bandwidth is also shared. The more computers on a network, the more bandwidth is taken up. In the world of Bandwidth, more is better, and Fiber internet can provide enough bandwidth to support all of your business internet demands.


Since fiber optic cables are sturdier than traditional, old-school cables that carry DSL or cable internet, it’s less likely to be damaged and more likely to last. Fiber internet connections are known to be the highest quality in the industry and unless it's cut directly, it's unlikely to be affected by the regular wear-and-tear that other systems may fall victim to over time. Consider this—some fiber networks have been in place since the 1970s, and they're still going strong!


Fiber networks are some of the safest around, due in part to their extreme strength. Since you can't easily access the fibers themselves without cutting into the surrounding casing, there is no way to piggyback onto an existing fiber connection. And since business fiber connections are not typically shared with other customers, an additional layer of security is guaranteed.


BluePrint by TCT offers first-rate local service to business customers primarily in Montana and Wyoming. Our team of tech experts is ready to help you make the transition to fiber internet in Bozeman, Billings, Cody, or any of our other service areas. By providing friendly service and not using tech jargon, we help our customers take full advantage of all of the benefits of fiber internet.

Interested in getting Fiber Internet for your business? We provide fiber to areas in Montana and Wyoming.

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