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BluePrint technology will take your phone system to a new level and allow you to choose and create solutions that work for you and your business.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and expert programming, BluePrint Business Phone Systems are easy to use, as highly intuitive as today’s smartphones and exceptionally flexible.

BluePrint allows you to scale your phone system to meet your specific needs, whether you have just a few people in your office or a large professional staff. Your employees will embrace this innovative change, and from the moment a customer calls your business, this system will set you apart from the competition.

  • Easy to learn, simple to use
  • Similar to smartphone technology
  • Cost-effective system, competitively priced
  • Customizable for specific needs
  • Easily expandable
  • Affordable monthly fee covers equipment, replacement, service and maintenance

Is Your Phone System Smart, Scalable?

Let us design a system to meet your needs

Our experts will meet with you to determine what you want in your new phone system. We engineer the system specifically for you. No two businesses are the same, but all can expect the highest quality, customized phone experience from BluePrint.

  • High-definition sound
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Regular updates
  • Seamless transfers from office phone to mobile device
  • Simple conferencing
  • Affordable monthly fee covers equipment, replacement, service and maintenance

BluePrint customer service will support you long after your system is up and running. We can quickly change a greeting, add a name, introduce a new feature or simply help you with a service question. Our local experts are just a phone call or click away. The BluePrint portal is designed for those of you who want to help manage the system. All of this premium customer service is provided at no extra charge. With BluePrint, you’ll have no more phones or equipment to purchase—ever!

Contact us to set up a demonstration or begin the transition to BluePrint Business Phone Systems today.

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